New Holland® Spare Parts

New Holland® is a registered trademark of CNH Industrial America, LLC. For high-performance silage harvest, you need your self-propelled forage harvester to be in top condition. Inspection and maintenance during the off-season is critical. In case off a break down during harvest quick replacement is also important. To ensure a simple straight forward selection off your New Holland FX or FR self-propelled forage harvester parts we made replacement kits.

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New Holland® FX-series:

The 30-inch cutterhead features bevelled, reversible knives for long-lasting performance. Measuring 76 cm (30”) wide and weighing 375 kg (750 lb), the rugged FX cutterhead is built to cut more crop and chop it more efficiently. In fact, everything about the cutterhead is designed for top production and durability. The cutterhead features beveled, reversible knives that span the full width of the cutterhead. These doublesided knives offer the best knife-to-shearbar angle and maximize efficiency in corn, providing a consistently cleaner cut with less power. The FX58 is available with eight knives and the FX28 and FX38 come with 12 knives.


New Holland® FR-series:

The FR series has the largest cutterhead in the industry and runs smoothly thanks to its wide cutting line: Ø710 diameter x 884 width. Spreading the crop over a wider intake reduces the layer thickness and the power requirement for the cutting action. With its weight of 600 kg the inertia optimises the use of energy input. The inertia of the heavy cutterhead enhances the flywheel effect to compensate for sudden peak loads. All the FR versions can be executed with the standard cutterhead off 2x 8, 2x 12 or 2x 16 knives.


New Holland® FR Forage Cruiser series:

The newer FR series have a cutterhead off Ø710 x 884 width, again one off the largest and heaviest cutterhead in the market. . The 2 row V-shaped knives are for all versions available in: 2x 6, 2x 8, 2x 12, 2x 16, 2x 20 knives.