Claas® Spare Parts

Claas® is a registered trademark of Claas KGaA, mbH. We are experts when it comes to supplying OEM or aftermarket spare and wear parts for your harvester – over the entire lifetime, at the right time and with the right quality. Because the right spare and wear parts are key elements for the availability and reliability of your Self-propelled forage harvester.

With the knowledge from our own technicians we have established part kits for your Claas® series 491, Claas® series 492, Claas® series 493, Claas® series 494, Claas® series 496, Claas® series 497 and Claas® series 498 self-propelled forage harvester.

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V-Classic chopping cylinder or Chevron-shaped knife

The Claas® Jaguar has the V-Classic chopping cylinder, also called Chevron-shaped knife layout, are available in 3 version:


  1.  V-Classic 28, 14 left and 14 right, chop lengths 3.5 - 30 mm
  2. V-Classic 24, 12 left and 12 right, chop lengths 4.5 - 34 mm
  3. V-Classic 20, 10 left and 10 right, chop length 5.0 - 42 mm

The effectiveness of the 750 mm wide chopping cylinder in the JAGUAR is unique. The chevron-shaped knife arrangement produces a pull-through, guillotine cut with minimum effort. At the same time, the forage is guided towards the middle – this reduces wear and friction losses on the sides of the drum housing.