Kemper™ Spare Parts

Kemper™ is a trademark of Maschinenfabrik KEMPER GmbH & Co. It is estimated that around 50% of all self-propelled forage harvesters are equipped with Kemper™ rotary corn headers. The rotary corn header concept is developed by Kemper™ and introduced in 1986 with the Kemper™ 3000, 4 row corn header. Ever since the Kemper™ rotary maize header made fame and many versions have been developed. Kemper™ built for a long time under private label row independent corn headers for New Holland® and John Deere®.

New Holland®: New Holland® SFI450, New Holland® BFI450, New Holland® RI470, New Holland® FI470, New Holland® RI600, New Holland® SFI600, New Holland® BFI600, New Holland® SFI750, New Holland® BFI750, New Holland® SFI900 and New Holland® BFI900.
John Deere®: John Deere® 676, John Deere® 678, John Deere® 684, John Deere® 686, John Deere® 688, John Deere® 696, John Deere® 698, John Deere® 690, John Deere® 692, John Deere® 778, John Deere® 770, John Deere® 710, John Deere® 772.

Today the Kemper™ corn header line can be recognized as follow:
• Small drum corn header: Kemper™ 330, Kemper™ 345, Kemper™ 360, Kemper™ 375 and Kemper™ 390.
• Big drum corn header: Kemper™ 445, Kemper™ 460, Kemper™ 475 and Kemper™ 490.
• After 2012 the Kemper™ 300 & Kemper™ 400 series got the extra “plus” extension.

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