HARVESTER GUARD® a unique condition assessment tool for forage harvesters.


Harvester Guard® is a revolutionary inspection and certification service specifically designed for self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH), developed by us, AM Machinery. It is an advanced system that performs a thorough 300-point inspection to assess the condition of each machine. From engine performance to blade condition, Harvester Guard leaves no detail unnoticed, giving customers a detailed insight into the condition of their investment.

For our customers, Harvester Guard means peace of mind and security when purchasing a used forage harvester. Through our extensive inspection and certification, you are protected against unforeseen costs and operational problems, thanks to our warranty and transparent reporting on the condition of your machine.

As a result, each SPFH sold by us is accompanied by a Harvester Guard Certificate, which is characterized by the following key features:

  • Objective and compliant with (NEN2767) standards
  • Consistently produces uniform results globally, ensuring consistency across different technicians
  • User-friendly, even for less experienced technicians
  • Includes comprehensive inspection guidelines and standards
  • Capable of incorporating visual documentation and remarks for enhanced clarity and detail

 "We are the only company in this industry that offers a warranty"


What does Harvester Guard® inspect?

Specification & Options Check: We meticulously review all vehicle details, comparing factory-installed options with the current configuration. Additionally, we log engine and drum hours for comprehensive documentation.

Functional Test: Ensuring peak performance, we conduct a thorough functional test to verify that all installed features are operating correctly. Any major malfunctions are promptly identified and detailed in our recommended repairs.

Crop Flow 300-Point Inspection: Our in-depth examination covers every aspect of the crop flow, meticulously inspecting all components from the feed rolls to the spout, including bearings and belts. This comprehensive process, unique to AM Machinery, is meticulously documented using Harvester Guard, culminating in the issuance of the AM Inspection Certificate.

Recommended Repairs: Utilizing Harvester Guard, we automatically process inspection data to identify any necessary repairs or replacements. Any detected malfunctions or broken crop-flow components are clearly outlined in the AM Inspection Certificate, complete with pricing for parts and repairs.

Harvester Guard consists of 4 modules

The system consists of four powerful modules, each designed to provide comprehensive insight into machine health and help make informed decisions. Here's an overview of what each module has to offer

Inspection Module

The inspection module includes a thorough 300-point inspection of all crucial aspects of the forage harvester. From the crop flow and main components to the connected headers and options, no detail goes unnoticed during the inspection.

Report Module

With the reporting module, users receive a detailed inspection report that provides a true representation of the "as-is" condition of the machine. The report includes a warranty certificate, inspection photos, a list of recommended repairs and parts needed.

Repair Module 

The repair module provides automatic analysis of required and recommended repairs, including required parts, estimated service time and costs. Users receive expert advice on the condition of each inspected part and detailed instructions for repairs.

E-learning Module

The e-learning module provides support for managing preventive maintenance, developing the skills of junior to senior technicians, and analyzing wear trends in relation to operating hours and local conditions. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), users can improve their operational efficiency and get the most out of their machine.

What warranty is offered on machines certified with Harvester Guard?

Our inspection and assessment tool, enables us  to give standard warranty on the crop flow components, this is called the AM Machinery PREMIUM warranty. Leading is the Harvester Guard Certificate that represents the condition of the crop flow components by a star-rating. There is no cap on age, hours or brand, it is standard on all our machines that we offer on our website. 


Is Harvester Guard available for all makes and models of self-propelled forage harvesters?

Yes, Harvester Guard is available for all makes and models of self-propelled forage harvesters. Our inspection process is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of each machine, regardless of make or model. Whether it concerns a Claas, John Deere, Krone, New Holland or another brand, you can rely on Harvester Guard for an accurate and reliable inspection.

How long does it take to complete an inspection with Harvester Guard?

The inspection process at AM Machinery typically spans a duration of three days. Once the inspection, under the supervision of our Workshop Manager, receives approval, the repair and report modules are seamlessly activated. These modules facilitate the automatic display of the following:

  • Cost estimation for parts and repairs required for any broken or rejected components.
  • Generation of the Harvester Guard Certificate, which doubles as the PREMIUM warranty certificate.

What are the costs for a Harvester Guard inspection?

The costs for the inspection with Harvester Guard are already included in the asking price of the machine. This means that you do not have to incur additional costs for the inspection and that you can benefit from the benefits of our system without additional financial burdens. At Harvester Guard we strive for transparency and convenience for our customers, which is why we have ensured that our inspections are affordable and accessible to anyone looking for peace of mind when purchasing a used forage harvester.