John Deere® Spare Parts

John Deere® and JD® are registered trademarks of Deere & Company. For the John Deere 6000 and 7000 forage harvester series A&M Machinery has compiled special replacement kits. These kits are very common to replace the most critical wear parts in the crop flow process; cutterhead knives, shear bar, sharpening stone, smooth roll scraper, blower paddles and Kernel Processor rolls.

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Cutterhead knives for forage harvesters

Cutterhead knives play a critical role in forage harvester performance. Which is why it’s so important to choose knives that fit, perform and last. Good knives have:


  • Sandblasted surface ensures precise clamping forces.
  • Induction-hardened cutting zone stays sharp longer.
  • Tough body minimises breakage risk.
  • Extended knife body supports retraction on object impact.


The John Deere® 7050 self-propelled forage harvester series you can choose from three cutterheads, depending on your crop and cutting conditions. The 40 and 48 knife heads are perfect for long grass, fibre crops and maize. The 56 knife head provides the finest chop (4 mm) and excellent quality maize silage, even in dry conditions.

The John Deere 7080® series: the cutterhead is Ø610 mm in diameter. The John Deere® 7980 and the John Deere® 7780 have a wide body drum width off 805 mm while the rest has a body of 683 mm. The 7 versions of the John Deere® 7080 series can be executed with a 40, 48 or 56 knifes. The knives can be straight for grass or curved for maize.