Rotary Corn Headers

In contrary off the “old school” reliable chain headers, the rotary corn header on your self-propelled forage harvester allow you to cut corners and keep rolling, without worrying about row width or following the rows. Corn row spacing vary all over the world, current row widths employed by farmers typically vary from 15" to 38", with most producers at 30" today.

Rotary headers are designed with small drums, big drums, or a combination of both. We have found that the big drum headers work better in tall and higher yielding corn. They just seem to move the corn better to the feed rolls. Other people prefer more the small drum headers because they smaller and less weight.

The rotary headers are expressed in meters or in the amount of row they can cut. Most common today are the headers of 6 meters - 8 row, 7.5 meters – 10 row and the biggest under them all are the 9 meter – 12 row headers.

Row independent rotary headers can harvest corn, sorghum, elephant grass, sugarcane, sunflowers, and rye.

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