KRONE Big-X500-650-800-1000 product manual

KRONE Big-X500-650-800-1000 product manual

#KRONE Big-X500-650-800-1000 product manual

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KRONE has been building Forage Harvesters since 1977. At that time due to lower horsepower tractors, KRONE started with towed and hitched Forage Harvesters. The industrialization of Agriculture has advanced in leaps and bounds and the farmers began to specialize more and more. KRONE anticipated in many trends and brought out new machines to the market, long before the majority of Farmers asked for them. With the row-independent Corn Harvester MC 16 B with 5' working width, KRONE took the first step in higher productivity machines in the mid 1980s. Today we have taken leadership in, not only in Horsepower, Productivity, but more importantly Chop Quality – As what comes out the machine is what counts. We welcome you to the new dimension of Forage Giants.

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