John Deere 8100-8200-8400-8500-8600

John Deere 8100-8200-8400-8500-8600


No one brings more experience to the forage harvesting business than John Deere. Since 1837, we’ve been making innovative solutions for farming. And we’ve used those years of field experience to create field equipment that works quickly, yet gently.

Despite nearly 50 years in the forage harvesting business, we invested more in research and development of this new generation of forage harvesters than ever before. Not only will John Deere forage harvesters help you produce premium-quality silage, but they can be equipped with technology tools that will simplify and speed decision making, reduce operating costs and improve your bottom line. Forage harvesters are complex machines.

And John Deere is the only agricultural equipment manufacturer that designs and builds its own engines, drivetrains, hydraulics, cooling systems, electronics and telematics. We have a lot of experience with forage equipment, but we know that’s no substitute for making forage year after year. And that’s why we asked what you wanted.

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