John Deere 7250-7350-7450-7550-7750-7850 brochure EU

John Deere 7250-7350-7450-7550-7750-7850 brochure EU


Up to 690 horsepower. A machine that can work through the day and night.

The new John Deere 7050 has been tested across the world from New Zealand to the central plains of North America and right across Europe.

Wet soils. Sandy soils. Soils that are full of sharp stones and rocks. From maize to grass, wheat to sorghum. Producing high quality silage for cattle. High output silage for biogas.

We don’t think you should expect any less from a company that invests $725 million every year in research and development. That’s more than $3 million every working day. And more than any other agricultural equipment manufacturer

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