Machine inspection and maintenance


After delivery, each machine is subjected to an intake-inspection where all primary functions are tested. We have tailor-made test protocols for SPFH, headers, telehandlers and wheeled loaders. After the entry inspection, a workorder is made in our “Powerall Computer System” and eventual parts are ordered.



We know the strict “clean” import rules off countries around the globe. Both in- and exterior off our machinery are cleaned to “as new condition”. Our washing bay can handle any machine size during any season. If you deal with A&M Machinery the import to your country is guaranteed!.



We can handle simple first level maintenance, electrical and hydraulic service up to complete engine overhauls. The finishing touch is done in our own spray-booth

We see an increase of diagnostic troubleshooting to solve software issues on the ever growing modern equipment. OEM manuals and drawings are stored in our database.

Procurement of spare parts is a healthy balance between OEM and Non-OEM spare parts. In 20 years we have learned exactly what the most sustainable solutions is.


Repair report

The workorder made in our Powerall Computer System after the intake-inspection is completed with measured data and the repair results. Everything is summarized in our repair report which is traceable stored in our Powerall Computer System.