Harvester attachments

Know-how and experience provide the basis for innovative solutions and superior quality. For more than 20 years we have serviced and marketed the best possible technology for professional users – worldwide. Good harvest – good all round. The right header for every crop, from agricultural through to industrial use. Always a Header immediately available for any application for any Self Propelled Forage Harvester at very competitive prices. At A&M Machinery we understand the variety off self propelled forage harvester attachments developed for specific applications. In average we have >150 different forage headers in stock, always a good mixture off:

  • Windrow Pickups
  • Chain headers, 4 and 6 row.
  • Rotary corn headers with small drums, from 4 row up to 12 row.
  • Rotary corn headers with big drums, from 4 row up to 12 row.
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The right header for every crop

The right header for every crop, from agricultural through to industrial use, even under extreme conditions. Because corn and grass require different types of cutting equipment, there are different heads for each type of silage, and these heads can be connected and disconnected from the harvester. Grass silage is usually cut prior to harvesting to allow it to wilt, before being harvested from swathes with a collection header (windrow pickup). Maize and whole crop silage are cut directly by the header, using reciprocating knives, disc mowers or large saw-like blades. Most common corn headers are 6 row, 8 row, 10 row or 12 row undependable.

Option to choose from are auto lube, auto pilot, auto contour, mechanical pendel frame, hydraulic pendel frame. At A&M Machinery we buy, inspect, report, service, repair, upgrade, market and ship used and new corn headers and windrow pickup of the following versions:


  • Kemper™ 300 and 400 series, rotary corn headers
  • John Deere® 664 and John Deere® 666 chain headers, John Deere® 676, John Deere® 678, John Deere® 684, John Deere® 686, John Deere® 688, John Deere® 696, John Deere® 698, John Deere® 690, John Deere® 692, John Deere® 778, John Deere® 770, John Deere® 710, John Deere® 772.
  • Claas® 4RN, Claas® 6RN, Claas® 8RN chain headers, Claas® RU450, Claas® RU450Xtra, Claas® Orbis 450, Claas® RU600, Claas® Orbis 600, Claas® Orbis 750, Claas® Orbis 900.
  • New Holland® 300NH chain header, New Holland® RI450, New Holland® RI450Xtra, New Holland® SFI450, New Holland® BFI450, New Holland® RI600, New Holland® SFI600, New Holland® BFI600, New Holland® SFI750, New Holland® BFI750, New Holland® SFI900, New Holland® BFI900.
  • Krone® Easy Collect 450, Krone® Easy Collect 600, Krone® Easy Collect 750, Krone® Easy Collect 900, Krone® Easy Collect 1050.
  • Windrow pick up / Gras pick up / Hay pick up:
  • John Deere® 630A, John Deere® 630B, John Deere® 630C, John Deere® 640A, John Deere® 640B, John Deere® 640C, John Deere® 645A, John Deere® 645B, John Deere® 645C, John Deere® 639, John Deere® 649, John Deere® 659.
  • Claas® PU300, Claas® PU300HD, Claas® PU300 Profi, Claas® PU380HD, Claas® PU430.
  • New Holland® 273, New Holland® 345W, New Holland® 346W, New Holland® 356W, New Holland® 366W.
  • Krone® Easyflow 3001, Krone® Easyflow 300S, Krone® Easyflow 380S.