Self Propelled Forage Harvester Spare Parts for Claas®, John Deere® and New Holland®

Used self-propelled forage harvesters that are offered in market need in 99.5% TLC, Tender, Love & Care! The extent to which a used SPFH needs attention depends on many factors; age, working hours, historical maintenance, ownership, harvest circumstances, driver skills etc. A&M Machinery sells inspected SPFH in “as is” condition but most customers choose to purchase the harvester including the needed spare parts; off course we make a package deal. You can also choose to have the A&M Technicians completely prepare the SPFH or simply buy only the parts you need for your existing SPFH.

We have a pallet delivery service throughout Europe in cooperation with a logistic specialized partner. In all cases we can help you! A&M Machinery has new parts for all major Self Propelled Forage Harvester brands: New Holland®, Claas®, John Deere® and Kemper ™. Top quality Self Propelled Forage Harvester parts for attractive prices, in addition to the normal wear and tier parts, we also have a wide range of accessories: Kernel Processors, Rockstopper and Diagnostic Toolkits.

In all cases in which we act as offeror or supplier, our offers, assignments given to us and agreements concluded with us are subject to the METAALUNIE TERMS AND CONDITIONS as these read according to the text printed overleaf. If you wish, the terms and conditions will also be sent to you at no cost.

A&M Machinery's mission is to provide first-class used equipment and service in response to our customers' needs by deploying all of our knowledge, talents and capabilities. Our customers' businesses can only thrive when we meet their goals, budget and needs. A&M Machinery wants to unburden its customers in the broadest sense of the word, as from 2021 A&M Machinery introduced the following new products:

  • John Deere® parts and John Deere® partkits
  • Claas® parts and Claas® partkits
  • New Holland® parts and New Holland® partkits
  • Kemper® parts and Kemper® partkits
  • Claas® diagnostic toolkit
  • John Deere® diagnostic toolkit
  • New Holland® diagnostic toolkit
  • Rockstopper for John Deere®, Rockstopper for Claas® and Rockstopper for New Holland®
  • Kernel Processors for John Deere®, Kernel Processors for Claas® and Kernel Processors for New Holland®






Partnerships AM Machinery

Exclusive cooperation with reputable companies that have proven themselves for years. We are proud to announce that from 01-01-2021 we have concluded an exclusivity agreement with the following companies:

The address for self propelled forage harvester parts for over 30 years.


Manufacturer of the rockstopper, which saves repair costs by stopping the machine in time before stones can cause damage on the self propelled forage harvester.

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