NIR Sensor

Real time analysis as you harvest your crops!
Accurate nutrient analysis in real-time. Thanks to the EvoNIR, growers and contractors are able to determine crop nutrient quality on the go. The system provides accurate real-time results with different crops; no matter where you are or what you harvest.Tracking the most accurate quality throughout harvest is what successful growers and contractors are aiming to. EvoNIR sensor takes the guesswork out for producing high quality silage with outstanding accuracy. This valuable real-time information turns into excellent traceability, a great advantage for dairy farmers when preparing feed with mixers for their livestock or for sale. They will be able to precisely adjust rations in order to match their nutritionists’ feeding recommendations. As a result, farmers will provide high quality feed every day with the consistency that is so important for livestock.


  • Compare hybrid variety productivity.
  • Forage Harvester optimization: adjust cutting length & inoculants application based on moisture level.
  • Increase the profit negotiating the price by quality and not only by quantity
  • Controlling nutrients in fields during harvesting enables to plan ahead specific actions (e.g. fertilization)
  • Measure the value of starch contained in the harvested material