99 and 126 teeth chromed KP roller including bearing kit for New Holland® FR-series

99 and 126 teeth chromed KP roller including bearing kit for New Holland® FR-series


99 and 126 teeth KP roller including bearing kit for New Holland FR-series

Replaces OEM#: 84236237, 84236238, 84455520

Kernel Processors or Corn Cracker modules consist of two mill rolls with teeth pressed together by powerful springs, and are frequently used when harvesting cereal crops like corn and sorghum to crack the kernels of these plant heads. Kernel processors or Corn Crackers are installed between the cutterhead and accelerator. In most forage harvesters, the Kernel Processors or Corn Cracker can be quickly removed and replaced with a grass chute for chopping non-cereal crops. The length of the chopped forage is important, and corn kernels and stalk sections need to be cracked open otherwise they pass through the animal undigested.

Compatible models:

New Holland® FR-series:
New Holland® FR9040, New Holland® FR9050, New Holland® FR9060, New Holland® FR9080, New Holland® FR9090, New Holland® FR450, New Holland® FR500, New Holland® FR600, New Holland® FR700, New Holland® FR850.

New Holland® FR FORAGE CRUISER-series:
New Holland® FR480, New Holland® FR550, New Holland® FR650, New Holland® FR780, New Holland® FR850, New Holland® FR920.

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