Self Propelled Forage Harvester Knowledge

Did you know that in the last decade, in average 2500 new self-propelled forage harvesters (SPFH) per year are produced, worldwide? In comparison with a combine harvester the SPFH is a niche product in the world off agricultural harvest equipment. A&M Machinery BV started 25 years ago as a SPFH trader, buying in Europe and selling in North America, this was initiated by the “supply and demand” strategy. Over the years we have learned how important it is to have in depth knowledge about the different SPFH brands (John Deere, Claas, New Holland, Krone) and the specific applications.

For years there has been a trend that local dealers feel compelled to represent more and more agricultural product lines. (called parallelisation). Specialist knowledge of the SPFH is slowly disappearing from the former trusted channels; the dealer around the corner. Given the 25 years of experience in SPFH, A&M Machinery BV has managed to develop as a true specialist. In-depth technical knowledge of the 4 major brands, inspection processes - health check, parts delivery, service, upgrades and, if necessary, support with diagnostic tools.

As a specialist, we are not afraid to share knowledge and to be transparent, this gives us the opportunity to be a professional partner for our customers worldwide.

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