Holaras Stego 285-PRO-SSH

Holaras Stego 285-PRO-SSH


Optimal silage compaction to properly store your grass silage and maize silage? Then the Holaras Stego 285-PRO-SSH is the perfect solution for you. This silage compaction roller ensures optimum compaction of your grass silage and maize silage, so that they have a longer shelf life and are better protected against decay. The Holaras Stego 285-PRO-SSH is designed to meet the highest demands in terms of quality and durability. The silage compaction roller is filled with water, sand or molasses, which makes it extra heavy and enables optimal compaction. Due to the special construction of the roller, the grass silage and maize silage is pressed in the right way and there is no longer any air between the layers.
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