Rockstopper for Claas® series 492

Stock Number

    Rockstopper, Stop Rock, Stone detector available for Claas® 492 Series.

    A very simple, reliable and effective device that detects and avoids rocks entering into the self-propelled forage harvester. Rocks can devastate major damage or reduce the lifetime of your self-propelled forage harvester significantly. It pays already off if you can avoid one broken metal detector roll, even not considering the involved down time during the harvest period! Since 2001, hundreds of forage harvesters are now protected by this product worldwide.

    Compatible models:

    Claas® 492 Series:
    Claas® Jaguar 830, Claas® Jaguar 850, Claas® Jaguar 870, Claas® Jaguar 890, Claas® Jaguar 900.


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